The History of IVT

Our team has been involved in expert system development and automated medical histories since the early 1980's. When the Internet became widely available, we adapted these expert systems to the Web and we added many powerful features which are now being used in the FloBase Learning Bank and Arbor Medicus.

As the Flobase language developed the ability to handle personalized rules-based personalized video streaming, we complimented our programming capabilities with advanced video production technology.

We have the unique capability of combining advanced programming and good filmmaking to allow truly personalized and interactive medical and educational systems.

In additional to our interactive medical and educational projects, we also created some unique film projects. Including the award-winning documentary, "Life and Migraine" for Public Television and the award-winning drama, "Lily's Mom", which enjoyed film festival successes in 2011.

We developed and continue to maintain the Arbor Medicus site, which incorporates our video and programming capabilities.













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